2. ruineshumaines:

    Over the past two years or so there’s been no shortage of photography and short films featuring the sensuous curls of ink plumes dispersing underwater. Yet nobody comes close to the master, Italian photographer Alberto Seveso who creates impressive underwater landscapes so rich in detail and color it makes me want to swim through my monitor. See more from his new series, a due Colori.


  3. ruineshumaines:

    the detail-focused sculptor, painter and animator jen stark has sent designboom images of her most recent work. stark’s highly-intricate
    geometric works are always formed in vibrant colors, as these shades seem to have seeped into the treatment of each piece from her
    bright miami, florida, USA home. the hypnotic hand-cut paper sculptural works, kaleidoscopic videos and saturated murals incorporate
    echoing patterns and mathematical concepts which create an infinite-like quality to her artwork.